STARTS ON 19th February 2024
Notices For Türkiye Scholarship Students

Dear Students,

First, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for awarded Türkiye Bursları. Very warm welcome to our university. As you already know, you have an obligation to know Turkish language at least in C1 proficiency level in accordance with your Scholarship conditions. We, as Hacettepe University TÖMER (Turkish Teaching and Learning School), will first asses your Turkish language proficiency level, and then teach you our language throughout the year until mid of summer 2024 unless your Turkish level is not enough comparing C1 proficiency level. Please note that we will start Turkish classes on October 9, Monday (We will able to open new classes depending on your arrivals). You must come to TÖMER centre to enrol your name into our classes and to complete your registration process. Please use Google Maps to find our language center in Beytepe Campus:

Hacettepe TÖMER, Beytepe Kampüsü, Ankara:


Dear Students, as we said, you have an obligation to learn Turkish as an holder of Türkiye Scholarship before your study in our university. You are supposed to know Turkish language in C1 proficiency level regardless whatever your department or programme is. If you have nothing about Turkish, or your level is not enough to use Turkish language in C1 proficiency level, then you should learn it or improve your level in TÖMER. If you have already any proficiency level in Turkish language, you have to advise your situation and bring the relevant documents (certificates, diplomas of Turkish high schools etc.). If you already have any proficiency proof in Turkish language, and do not advise it, you will lose your scholarship. If you don’t have any certificate and you know Turkish, you will be able to take an Turkish proficiency exam at our center.

Please bring these documents with you:

  1. Offer for scholarship
  2. Scholarship agreement (Signed)
  3. Passport
  4. Your passport sized photo
  5. High school, bachelor or master's degree diploma obtained from a school with Turkish curriculum in Turkey or abroad (if you have any)
  6. Proficiency certificate or document in Turkish language at least in C1 level (if you have any) (only certificates from Yunus Emre Instıtute and Hacettepe TOMER are accepted) 


Please also note that besides your TÖMER registration, you must make your registration in your department or programme at our university, as well.