STARTS ON 19th February 2024

Department of Turkish Language Courses

Turkish Language courses are being lectured by professional instructors of Hacettepe TÖMER. Students can take Turkish Language courses within a schedule encompassing two semesters. One of these courses is TKD 103 focusing on what language is, the place and significance of language as a social institution in nation’s life, the relationship between culture and language, the place of Turkish language among other languages, the development of Turkish language and its historical stages, current situation of Turkish language, phonetics, punctuation, grammar and spelling rules, inflections and derivational affixes, and vocabulary knowledge. The other course is TKD 104 which is taught in the second semester. In this course, the emphasis is on the subjects like syntax, construing, written or oral expression, incoherency, and the rules in academic writing. In this course, there are implementations through speaking and writing skills with the help of selective texts from Turkish literature and Doğru ve Etkili TürkçeKullanma Kılavuzu (Guide for Correct and Effective Usage of  Turkish)  created by instructors of Hacettepe TÖMER.

Department of Turkish Language Teaching For Foreign Students

This department gives Turkish preparation courses to foreign students who will have their education in the departments whose language of education is Turkish or partially a foreign language.  The aim of this department is to help the foreign students have the communication skills needed  both in  daily  and in  education life which is necessary for them in order to attend the courses actively, to read and understand the course and related  materials, and to express themselves in written or orally.

Essential Turkish: This course is for the foreign students attending a department whose language of education is a foreign language. The aim of this course is to teach Turkish to the students for an easy academic and social experience.

 Turkish Language Skills This course is for the foreign students attending a department whose language of education is Turkish or partially foreign language. This course aims at helping students improve their Turkish language skills. (This course is for the students who have the adequate level of Turkish but have to improve their language skills.)

Turkish Communication Skills: This course is for Erasmus students who will receive a part of their education in Turkey and who do not know Turkish. This course aims at teaching Turkish to these students in a level to conduct their daily lives.

Department of Distance Language Education

In our centre, besides formal education on Turkish language teaching, there will be an online Turkish Language teaching education. This department aims at teaching Turkish a variety of group of people such as foreign students who want to receive a higher education in Turkey, students or instructors of Turkology departments all over the world, workers of companies who have commercial relations with our country, collateral peoples of Turkish republics or third generations Turkish people born in Europe.